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What Makes An SEO Agency USA Great?


Let’s face it; there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of SEO agency USA companies serving the US market. Don’t fool yourself that all of them are carved from the same stone.SEO Agency USA

The last thing you want is to hire what seems like a good SEO firm and spend oodles of money on agency fees, only for it to blow up in your face. The lesson: know thy SEO company right from the get-go.

This begs the question: what really makes an excellent SEO agency in the USA? Worry no more – we’ll walk you through nifty qualities and key features that all amazing SEO companies have in common. This is exactly what you should look out for to hire the crème de la crème.


[1] Has years of hands-on, relevant SEO agency USA experience that speaks for itself

Nearly all companies out there claim to be “the best SEO agency in the USA”, but do they live up to that hype? So, the first step when narrowing your options is to pick only SEO companies with years, if not more than a decade, of hands-on experience.

The experience itself shouldn’t just be a number. It should speak for itself in terms of portfolio size, a burgeoning list of happy clients, and lots of successful projects. Check these credentials first because they’ll speak volumes of the agency’s experience in the business.

The most important thing is that the company should be able to show proof of their experience. Is the agency up to date with recent changes in Google search algorithm and the latest SEO best practices?

Moreover, make sure to establish what the SEO agency is experienced at. What areas of SEO does the company focus on? A company may have ten years of experience executing traditional SEO strategies. On the other hand, you may be looking for someone who has expertise in local SEO, video SEO, or app optimization.


[2] Take a flexible approach to SEO

You may be looking to work with an SEO company to increase web traffic, generate more sales, rank higher for target keywords, or all of them. However, no SEO needs and business cases are exactly similar.

SEO strategies that may have worked for other companies may not work for your business. For this reason, the best SEO companies are flexible, great listeners, and always willing to develop custom plans and strategies unique to accomplishing your goals.

How do you know if a particular agency is flexible? Most of them arrange discovery or consultative sessions where you’ll get to share your SEO goals, business pain points, and what makes your company unique in the market.


[3] Exhibit thought leadership in the SEO agency USA industry

Outstanding SEO companies are always one step ahead of the rest. They are often at the forefront of the latest SEO best practices, trends, and tactics, particularly those that impact web traffic, ranking, and business in general.

In practice, you’ll find that the agency (or team members/leaders) often share industry insights, tips, and helpful information via research papers, social media, blogs, and email blasts. They command respect and authority from peers.

As such, prior to hiring an SEO company, make sure they are up to date with the latest trends about the industry, so you can stay ahead of the curve.


[4] Plenty of real client testimonials

An SEO company that does a bang-up job often gets a lot of testimonials from satisfied customers. You’ll normally find these testimonials on their social media pages, websites, and review sites.


[5] An impressive portfolio of clients

A common characteristic you’ll see among all of the most trustworthy SEO agencies in the USA is the proud display of their clientele. If you’re working with the cream of the crop, you’d want to shout over the rooftops.

A long, diverse list of clients does two things: (i) it shows you that the SEO agency in question is experienced, and (ii) it helps you make an informed decision based on the clientele it has worked for.


[6] Boasts a diverse team of pros

An SEO agency is as good as its team of experts. A lot of thought, creativity, and effort goes into making an SEO strategy a success. You’ll need an agency with a strong team of talented SEO professionals — from web designers, SEO auditors, and link builders to content creators and managers — to make that possible.


[7] Doesn’t use black-hat SEO techniques

It’s simple — you need a white hat SEO agency that will toe the line and take your website to the next level using legitimate techniques. It’s true that SEO may take time and effort to get the right results, but you don’t want to go the black-hat route. It will land you in all sorts of trouble with Google and other search engines.


[8] Has flexible payment plans

Different businesses have different SEO needs, plans, & strategies, and a good SEO agency in the USA gets that. Instead of trying to fit you into their current pricing options, the agency should be able to tailor the services to match your unique needs and budget.



All in all, a good SEO company has what it takes to help you achieve your search engine optimization and business goals. When it comes to reputation, don’t forget to check reviews, testimonials, clientele portfolio, and experience.  Please Click Here and we’ll walk you through what it’s like to do business with us at Lead Generation SEO Services.

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