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SEO Services: The Pros & Cons of Using SEO in Your Small Business


SEO Services

Discover 8 SEO and SEM digital marketing pros and cons for small businesses in 2022.  What is a search engine optimization SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis opportunity?  Learn about some advantages and disadvantages, benefits and risks, and the value of SEO for your small business and some weaknesses.

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Where do seo services services fit into your online business marketing strategy?  Or do they?

Advancements in telecommunication technology have changed the business world. Today, most people can search and order products online through their smart devices and computers.

As online shopping becomes more prevalent, most business owners are looking for ways to adjust in the highly contested market. In most instances, most of them result in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thinking that it’s the most effective and cheap.

But is SEO worth investing in? To answer this question, you need to understand how SEO can impact your business first. This article outlines the Pros and Cons that you can get by adopting the SEO marketing strategy. Check them out.

Below are the advantages of using SEO in your business…


SEO Services PRO: Helps In Generation Of Free Traffic

According to live internet stats, Google receives more than 3.5 billion searches in a day. This translates to more than 145.8 million searches within an hour on Google alone.

If your website is well optimized for SEO, Google crawlers will rank it on the top of SERPs, and it will attract a great percentage of Google users, especially those interested in your niche.

As such, SEO can make you a great source of free online traffic to your website. The traffic is free because you don’t have to pay for traffic generation as the other digital strategies like Google AdWords and PPC advertising do.

However, you may have to hire a reputable SEO service to help link building and other ranking factors.


SEO Services PRO: Connects You To Your Target Audience

Customers go online to find solutions to their problems. After entering their keywords on the search bar, the Google algorithms, for instance, will crawl information from millions of websites to filter the most relevant and valuable answer for the keywords.

If your SEO content is relevant, the crawlers will position it among the top search results. Since the online searchers tend to click the first few links on the first page of SERPs, the chances are high that they will open your content.

The visitors will then use the SEO backlinks to navigate your website and learn more about what you can offer. They will certainly convert to your business if your products/ services are impressive.


SEO Services PRO: Helps with Business Growth

The online market is wide and highly competitive. You need a strong online presence to navigate through it successfully. SEO helps you achieve this by ranking your website on the top of SERPs.

The better ranking subsequently results in an excellent generation of targeted traffic to your website through clicks. The leads will, in turn, convert to your business if you have a great product offering. This will expand your customer base.

Typically, a broad customer base would mean more sales turnover, hence more profits to facilitate your business’s growth.


SEO Services PRO: Increases Your Authority in the Niche

A strong online presence coupled with high-quality SEO content can ramp up your ranking based on keyword research.

A good ranking will establish you as an authority in that niche and fetch you more trust among your target customers. This will boost your sales through more conversions and referrals from loyal customers.


The Cons of SEO to Your Business

While SEO can bring you many benefits, it has its downfalls too. Below are various negative ways in which SEO can impact your business.


SEO Services CON: The SEO Results Are Not Instantaneous

The SEO results won’t take effect immediately. After customizing your SEO website, you need the patience to wait for the Google crawlers to do their indexing work. It may take even weeks for your content to appear in SERPs.

Another thing to note is that there is no guarantee that your site will rank. Given the millions of similar pages being indexed, your content may take months to start ranking. And that is only possible if you keep updating your content with the latest Google guidelines.


SEO Services CON: It May Take You A Long Time To Earn Your ROI

As mentioned above, the SEO results are not instant. While your website may finally rank after a long wait, it may take you several years to cover the cost of your investment from your SEO efforts.

Thus, the strategy may be the worst for small businesses owners who need huge revenues in the short term to cater to their recurrent finance needs.


SEO Services CON: There Is No Guarantee for Ranking

The technique that Google crawlers use to index and rank the result pages is unknown to everyone. Additionally, the algorithms are ever-changing, so there is no sure way you can use to rank on the top of SERPs.

Though the SEO may help you rank, Google will use it and other ranking factors (more than 200) to determine your ranking. Worse still, your website may even get penalized for violating certain guidelines.



SEO is the main source of website traffic for many websites. However, it is most effective in the long term. If you must employ it in your business, ensure that you outsource the SEO services from a qualified professional otherwise; your website will get penalized for violation of Google guidelines.

If you run a small business, maintain a healthy balance between SEO and other digital strategies that may help you realize your goals fast.

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