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We Discuss Small Business SEO On Time Management Podcast: “Take Back Time” With Penny Zenker (former strategic business coach for Tony Robbins)

Small Business SEO Time Management Podcast

Listen to us talk small business SEO on this episode of Penny’s Take Back Time Podcast by CLICKING HERE.  Here is her Podcast’s description on Apple Podcasts…

“What is your relationship with time? Are you wired and tired, stressed and overwhelmed, busy and going nowhere? Or Just want to scale your business? Learn how to use time to multiply your business growth! Take Back Time is the podcast for leadership and productivity. Join your host, former strategic business coach for Tony Robbins, best-selling author and international speaker, Penny Zenker, as she shares her experience and insights on simple and practical time management that will help you be more efficient and effective. It is possible to find greater balance, fulfillment, scale your business, and Take Back Time.”

Here’s a snippet of our interview where we talk about top of funnel versus bottom of funnel keywords… (pound for pound one of the best keyword strategies for small business SEO)

“The other big one when it comes to actual search ranking and being able to rank for certain keywords, I think the mistakes that people make is trying to rank for the high search volume terms. I’ll give you a good example. If we’re talking about the plumbing business. If I own a plumbing business and I wanted to increase the number of eyeballs to my website locally, and I did a keyword search and I add “plumbing.” Maybe that gets 50,000 searches per month, or “plumbing services,” and maybe that gets 10,000 searches per month. The problem is you have to think about your search terms in terms of the funnel. What part of the funnel is this customer or a prospect in? Are they at the top of the funnel? Those two search terms, they’re at the top of the funnel. That’s somebody who’s not ready to buy yet, they’re doing the research. They’re not there yet.

You then have your bottom of funnel search terms, middle funnel, bottom-funnel. They are still researching, but maybe they’re starting to get close to buying. It’s the bottom of funnel search terms that we want to zero in on. Those are the ones that aren’t very sexy. When it comes to search volume, they might have 100 searches. Depending on where somebody lives, there might be only 10 or 25 searches a month for certain search terms like, “Best plumbing company near me.” That search term is more of a bottom of funnel search term where they are ready. They know they need a plumber. They know what’s wrong, and they’re looking for the best plumbing company.”

For our thoughts on picking the best SEO company for your small business, CLICK HERE.

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