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4 Tips to Attract Relevant Traffic to Your Website through SEO & Search Engine Marketing



Discover the difference between search engine marketing (paid) vs search engine optimization (evergreen organic) for small businesses looking to get more customer in 2022.  Learn advantages, disadvantages, and the importance of digital marketing methods and strategies used to dominate your engine marketing and optimization

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More website traffic brings more business awareness, more sales and increased revenue. As a business owner, you should regularly review your website’s performance and create powerful search engine marketing strategies to boost its traffic.

Remember that there are more than one billion websites, and Google only ranks the best on the first pages. Don’t worry if your website is still new or the traffic is always low. You can easily increase the traffic and outshine your competitors. Here are simple and cost-effective search engine marketing tricks to help you…

Search Engine Marketing Tip #1: Write Compelling Content

SEO Content is the backbone of your online success. During indexing, the crawlers will go through your content to assess its quality and relevance to the reader. They will also analyze the keywords, backlinks and other ranking factors to position your pages on SERPs.

That said, you should post high-quality content to rank on the top of search results and capture customer attention.

You can achieve this by ensuring that your content has the right keywords and adds value to your target audience. Additionally, your headlines should be punchy and attention-grabbing to compel any online searcher to stick to it.

Further, you should check your content for originality and proofread it to remove any grammatical and syntax errors. The idea is to pass the information about your business clearly and uniquely.

Quality content will create the first good impression of how you are willing to serve the customers well. They will even use any links provided to navigate to your website. However, this is only possible if your content is convincing enough.


Search Engine Marketing Tip #2: Ensure That Your Site Is Fast and Mobile-Friendly

Gone are the times when people used to view websites through desktops alone. Today, millions of people use their mobile devices to search for solutions to their problems online. As such, you should ensure that your site is mobile-optimized to take advantage of this online traffic.

Another factor that you should consider is your site’s loading speed. Page delays are the number one cause of increased bounce rates in most websites. You can win more return visitors to your site and enhance the conversion rates by optimizing your site loading speed.

Optimizing the above two aspects (mobile-friendliness and loading speed) will improve your customer experience. If your site offers valuable information, nothing will pull them back from visiting your site or referring it to their friends through links.


Search Engine Marketing Tip #3: Get Quality Backlinks

As mentioned earlier, the Google algorithms will rank your pages based on your content quality and the number of links directed to your site from authority sites. Therefore, obtaining organic links for your site can boost your chances of landing the top page in SERPs. There are various techniques you can use to get links, including:

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the practice of writing content for another publisher, who then uses the content to link your site. The idea is mutually beneficial since the publishing site benefits from the content, and you get the organic links in return.

For effective ranking results, you should only partner with an authority site, sharing your niche; otherwise, your links won’t be effective.

Having several authority sites in your niche link to your site will convince the crawlers of your authority in the niche. The chances are high that they will rank you on the top of search results hence more traffic.

Niche Edits

Niche edits are the act of adding links to already published content. It is more effective than guest posting since it contains pre-existing in-bound and out-bound links meaning that they give you access to broad traffic.

Like guest posting, you should only add the links to content from authority sites in your niche or request them to add the links on your behalf.


Search Engine Marketing Tip #4: Advertise On Social Media

Social media platforms can allow you to reach your target audience without a sweat. All you need is to post relevant content at the right place and remain active on the platforms.

For instance,

If you have a Facebook page, you should keep your customers updated on the latest product updates and answer their questions promptly.

On Twitter, you should follow the hashtags related to your niche and share the information about your products there.

Post quality info-graphics about your products on Pinterest. The pictures should be accompanied by a brief description of the product and a link to your site where they can get them.

If your information on your social media platform is compelling, it will attract many followers. The chances are high that you may use the links to navigate your website and convert to your business.



Search engine marketing is the best way to boost your organic ranks and enhance your conversions. You can achieve it using quality content, organic links, social media advertising and other tricks discussed in the article. However, the strategies discussed above are not exclusive. Feel free to use any different approach to enhance your web traffic.


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