6 Search Engine Optimization Objections ANSWERED



Have you ever had any search engine optimization objections? Whether you’re an agency bringing on a new client or a team member at a company in need of SEO, there are always those objections to something new. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to grow your inbound traffic, and because it’s free to set up, it costs much less than paid advertising and other digital marketing investments.Search Engine Optimization Objections

In fact, investing in SEO leads to an incredible return in organic traffic and high-quality leads. One study found that organic search engine leads have a close rate of 14.6 percent, and if you’re on the top Google search engine results page, your website receives even more traffic.

However, setting up SEO does take time and know-how, but with the number of tools available, it’s actually easier than ever to get started. If you want to get around objections to SEO, these are some of the best approaches.


How to Answer Common Search Engine Optimization Objections

Organic visibility is the number one reason to implement SEO.  Over time, it brings in targeted, customer-centric traffic to your best landing pages. If that doesn’t help you win over a client considering SEO, here are some other ideas…


1. Isn’t SEO Dead?

Whether you’re hearing “SEO doesn’t work” or “SEO is obsolete,” these objections focus on the idea that optimizing for search (ahem, Google) doesn’t work anymore. Most of the time, this objection comes from beginners researching SEO and seeing reasons why it’s hard to implement or get around Google algorithm changes.

However, there are so many techniques to starting SEO, and it’s also FREE to set up. Not only that, but 70% of marketers say that SEO increases organic traffic. In fact, improving SEO is the main way that 60% of marketers have improved inbound traffic.

When this objection arises, it’s important to discuss all of the new techniques, such as on-page development and Schema markup, that help businesses continuously bring in new visitors without ever spending a dime on advertising.


2. SEO is Unpredictable

If you encounter this objection, it’s likely because your client has tried SEO in the past without proper analytics set up to measure results. The truth is that if you optimize your website with all of the different SEO techniques available, then you’ll notice an increase in traffic over a period of time.

While results aren’t as immediate as paid advertising, SEO is something that provides ROI over many months and years. Again, it’s important to emphasize how Google views SEO content and why that contributes to your domain authority over time, which leads to higher rankings on top keywords.

To track these results and ensure that SEO is more predictable, you should also discuss analytics and tools like SEMrush that can help your website track performance and ranking on multiple keywords, as well as tracking your top visited pages.


3. Search Engine Algorithms Change Too Fast

SEO evolves quite often, but one truth still remains: it’s all about your relevant content that your audience is searching. While you may think simply posting about topics related to your audience is helpful, your rank truly increases when implement top-searched keywords and phrases in your content.

By placing keywords in your headlines, sub headlines, anchor links, image alt text, captions, and meta descriptions, you’re telling Google to show content that relates exactly to what your customers are searching.


4. SEO Takes Too Long

This is one myth that will cause an SEO expert to smile. That’s because while SEO may not deliver impressions overnight such as a PPC campaign, it can start delivering inbound traffic at a higher rate than other digital marketing methods. SEO builds over time, so the longer that you have content with the right keywords, links, and Schema markup, you’ll eventually see your content showing up for all kinds of searches that you don’t have to pay for.

In addition, optimizing for featured snippets in your content can help your website show up at the top of page organically. This is one of the best ways to get high-quality leads without having to pay for Google Search ads.


5. SEO isn’t Free

Experts who create and develop pages of SEO content do not provide services for free. However, SEO is actually free. There is nothing stopping you from learning how to implement on-page SEO and off-page SEO, which can improve your inbound traffic and search engine ranking considerably.

In order to see results from SEO, you do have to put in effort, time, and some investment. However, it’s much less than paying daily for Google ads or Facebook marketing. This is why SEO has one of the highest ROIs in digital marketing.


6. SEO is Too Technical, I Don’t Get It

While most SEO techniques revolve around writing top-notch content and using keywords correctly, there are some technical aspects to SEO. For example, you’ll need to know how to perform keyword research and understand the difference in volume to pick the best keywords to see results.

On-page SEO and off-page SEO are also terms that group different tactics together. With on-page SEO, you have to understand how to place keywords, what markup to use, and how to add links effectively to your content. With off-page SEO, you’ll be building backlink profiles, which also require some technical knowledge.

Then, there is technical Schema markup, which adds code to your content so that search engine crawlers can easily interpret, qualify, and show your content for relevant user searches. It’s a powerful tool that many SEOs include in marketing packages to ensure that your website starts ranking for keywords that will bring in the most traffic.

Should You Invest in SEO?

There are multiple guides online that show you step-by-step how to implement each of these techniques. In just a day, you can learn how to set up SEO and implement it, but if you don’t have the time, you may want to hire an SEO expert to help you build your content. The good news is that once it’s set up, SEO doesn’t require a huge amount of maintenance like paid online advertising. SEO simply starts working for your website day in and day out.

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