Over 1,700 satisfied clients from this top twin cities Minnesota real estate USA company and team for selling and buying homes in 2022 located at 2605 Campus Dr, Plymouth, MN 55441.  In this interview, you’ll discover how Joe Houghton has cultivated the best MN Property Realtor Agency Group to sell houses fast, help first-time Minnesota home buyers, and what a minimum down payment (about $8,750) looks like there.



In this episode, we go over:

  • Talk a little bit about what you guys do, you guys do a lot of cool stuff…
  • What do you see in in the realtor side, the building side, what do you guys see in there in Minnesota with the rate hikes?
  • What’s your company’s superpower, what are you guys good at?
  • Can you go into maybe the top two things that you recommend to sellers optimizing their home listing?
  • What’s the difference in marketing a property that’s been on the market a long term versus a fresh property?
  • How do new clients typically find you, how to you market lead generation-wise?
  • If someone were just getting started in into your industry and maybe we’ll stick with just maybe the realtor side buying, selling. What advice would you give them?
  • Where can people find you? Websites?

CLICK HERE for the podcast episode link, in case you want to listen to the interview.  CLICK HERE if you want to download the video transcription as a PDF file.

Here’s where you can find Joe Houghton’s MN Property Group online…


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